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"My View" on Mobile phones

Hello. First of all I want to say that TeamViewer is simply the best! Great job!!!
A few days after using it, an idea popped up in my head, why not make an application like TeamViewer for shearing vidoes and audio between two or more phones? Wouldn't it be nice to watch the same video or listen to the same song with your loved one who is miles away from you at the same time? What I basically mean is developing a mobile app that allows one or more people to tap into my phone(connect) and watch whatever i'm watching or listen to what I'm listening to with the use of ID codes just like in TeamViewer. I know you can work around that and develop the best mobile app that everybody is gonna like in line with what I've just explained. I know all the credit goes to you the developers of Teamviewer and I'm in no position to make any kind of bargain whatsoever but I believe you reward everyone there in your organization for all the hard work and ideas, the thinking etc, all I can simply ask is just a small portion of appreciation for the idea, anything at all will be GREATLY GREATLY APPRECIATED. Patrick Sichinga is my name living in Zambia, Africa.
Thank you and looking forward to hearing from you!