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Initial contact with Voice calls rather than video calls

I would like team viewer to have the same ability as Skype for voice calls... Ath the moment once you have a connection you can use internet calling, and that works really well.

Under the computer section I can do remote control, Presentation or Video call. I would like voice call added here. I never want to make video calls as the machines I am connecting to do not have web cams and it is unessecary to use that much bandwidth.

Our current workflow is to call on Skype, and if more detail is required we connect with Teamviewer to share screens, so we have two software solutions to one problem.

Ideally I would like to initiate a voice call, and then if required initiate remote control or presentation without interupting the voice call.

We have a commercial license for Tean viewer and it is an essential part of our daily workflows! I would love the be able to ditch skype!!