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Making life difficult for scammers

Scammers talk naïve users through the installation of TeamViewer in order to install their software on a user's device.  There is no limit to the mischief this coukd facilitate, and selling such compromised accounts could be very profitable.

They will typically ssy "now click NEXT" to a victim they have weakened by frightening them.  Scenarios range from loss of internet connection to a bank fraud or criminal charges, or even the suyomatic renewal of an Amazon Prime account.  The weakened victim is relieved to have all responsibility for reading the screen taken away.

The new type of screen to make this difficult has three features:

Questions in random order.

Answers in unpredictable sequence or position.

Random synonymous phrases for question text and response legends

Remembeting that the scammer is trying to reassure a frightened victim, and might try to envourage the victim to lie to make the process simple, the way you use these tools must take nothing for granted.  Screens must not be easily identifiable by, for instance, different background colours.  If used they should be chosen to confuse or stymie a scammer.

Responses your questions might seek answrrs for are:

No, I am not on the telrphone at the moment - goes to a stark warning.

No I did not make the call.

No I was not waiting to be called back.

No, I didn't know I had a problem.

Yes, there was an automated call about it earlier.

It will be an ongoing battle, of course, but your randomising of text, sequence and even structure and algorithm will make their life difficult and if you set out to do it thst way, yours will not.