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Pilot improvements


I have some suggestions to do about the great app Pilot. 

At the remote person side because a mobile device has a small screen compared to the experts' side:

  • Option to formating the default formatting of the text in the arrows, like the size and the color of the text.
  • Option to formating the default formatting of the arrows, like adding movement (continuously up-down) and to add different colors.
  • Option to hide/show all actions the expert mentioned to the remote person by arrows or shapes.
  • Option to hiding/showing the experts' guidance steps one after the other on the screen by hiding all the other steps. For example, I am the remote person and I am on step #3. I care to see only the next step and maybe the previous. At the end will appear on the screen the last one-two steps.
  • A summary button that will show all the steps expert side suggested like an index list.
  • When drawing a shape around or on an item, it is possible if the item change position to  be followed by the shape assigned to it before?


At the Experts side:

  • Option to add ready signs like "Caution there", "Don't touch that", "Electricity here" in order to help the remote person avoid danger or not touching some sensitive area.
  • Option to send a text to speech to the remote person (the second could repeat it). 


I'm not 100% sure that all of them have significant meaning, but I think if they existed most of them it would be nice.

Best regards