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Scammers using Teamviewer :Defence Mode?


I have an idea for an new teamviewer feature. 

It would be a scammer mode that you can activate before you let someone connect to your PC, it records everything that happens and blocks / hinders file transfer , block the blanking of the screen and slows down teamviewer so you can watch what is happening (slowing down the mouse /allowing only 2 keystrokes /s). an logfile that records anything from the scammer ip ,mac address , PC name . 

Ps. i just got a call from "Microsoft " and they wanted to connect to me through teamviewer and i would have loved to be able to mess with them :D
or a mode where it automatically drops the scammer in an windows virtual machine :D that is blank just to mess with the scammers 

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Re: Scammers using Teamviewer :Defence Mode?

Thanks for your idea @patti44 !

I make sure to forward it to our security team!

And I am sorry to hear a scammer tried to trick you, but I read your post like you unmasked his attempt right away. That´s great news!

However - We have a page where you can report a scam to our security team. The link to it and a few other information about the topic can be found here: TeamViewer and scamming 

Thanks and stay safe,


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