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Teamviewer Android/ChromeOS - Multiple simultaneous sessions

Could you please consider the ability to have multiple sessions from Teamviewer on Android?  I use a Chromebook and since the depreciation of the ChromeOS Teamviewer app, we now use the Android app on Chromebooks however we can only open a connection to a single partner in Teamviewer Android.  A lot of my work requires me to establish sessions to multiple endpoints simultaneously.  This works fabulously in Windows and MacOS but is the single biggest issue I find since migrating to ChromeOS as my base OS platform.  I figure that I can get around this by opening a Teamviewer session to a Windows device and then multiple Teamviewer sessions from that Windows device within the root Teamviewer session but who wants to do this in reality?  Maybe I need to revert to RDP from ChromeOS instead of Teamviewer..