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repost topics already posted to Teamviewer ideas ?

Some ideas already Poset to the Temaviewer - Ideas - Section are as well reelvant to BLIZZ. sometimes it is already metioned in the posts.
Does it is necessary to repost those topics here again?

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Re: repost topics already posted to Teamviewer ideas ?


thank you for your message.

Yes, it would make sense to repost your ideas to the Blizz space, as the product management teams are separate.

Did you already join our User Focus Program? https://community.teamviewer.com/t5/Blizz-Announcements/Co-innovate-with-us-in-the-User-Focus-Progra...

You will be asked to provide early feedback on ideas and tell us your needs before feature development and implementation starts. Looking forward to your application and your product ideas.

Best regards, Hilal