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Posted by mLipok

API: Documentation: Oauth


This look like documentation is not complete, at least for me.
Please add there an informationa about how to get authorization code.

Of course I found this on VBS example:

authorizationCode = ""      '<-- Visit
                            '    Login, grant the permissions (popup) and put the code shown in the authorizationCode variable here

But I think the documentation in provided HTML link should be extended.


mLipok , AutoIt MVP

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1 Reply
Posted by DomLan

Re: APID: Documentation: Oauth


OAuth is a common protocol. This protocol allows the authorization of the Security API with a standard and simple method for both portable applications, both for fixed and pc web applications.

For application developers is a method to publish and interact with protected data. OAuth provides service providers access by third parties to user data while protecting their credentials simultaneously. For example, it allows the user to give to a site, called consumer, access to your information on another site, said service provider, without sharing its identity.

At this link

you'll find an example of using API integration after execute OAuth Authentication, done using .Net for a very little and specific task (create a session), but the logic is the same for quite all other task done via TeamViewer API.


Domenico Langone
MCSD: App Builder