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Posted by LIN007

Ability to set administration password for the client via Policy

Currently you can set a policy that enables TeamViewer options to require a password.

However, it appears that someone didn't add the functionality to actually allow you to set what that password is from the policy. It enables the function, but you can't actually do anything with it. So all it does is enable the little tick in options enabling "Changes require administritive rights on this computer". The password fields obviously are blank unless you manually type a password in or export these settings and redeploy to all your workstations, which really is not good. All I want to do is prevent users from playing around with the settings in their TeamViewer client.

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Posted by Chiron

Re: Ability to set administration password for the client via Policy

And prevent users from setting their own Options Password.

A few times I have tried to help a user who has "secured" their computer by forgetting the password they set. Now the only way to correct the problem is to uninstall TeamViewer, make sure the settings are removed, and reinstall.

I don't work for TeamViewer. I'm just a user.