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Access Phonebook when offline


It is great that you launched Teamviewer community. High five.


Let me ask a question which bothers me since we bought company license.

My coworkers (and me also) complain about accessing devices on local network when internet connection is not available.

Here is the scenario.

I am at our client's company and my computer is connectied to their production network switch.

(internet is not available there - it is network for SCADA systems and PLC devices).

I would like to access computers which have teamviewer installed and accept incomming LAN connections.

Since I cannot access phonebook (I am offline), I need to enter IP address of the machine manually. Putting local IP address in description wasn't good idea either - since I cannot access phonebook. So I need to enter IP address manually. Sorry, but I really don't know IP address for each device in each company.


Here is my workaround:

I need to maintain IP address list for local addresses for each company I work with.

Open the text file (filename = client's company name) find IP address and copy it in teamview-er.


I can go even further. Establishing VPN connection to another client's company will allow me to access device by ip address. Since internet is not available (and also there is no proxy server), I cannot access device remotely.


In other cases (where internet is available on both sides), teamviewer is very good option.

It also works very good. Fast. Simple.


Do you have any ideas?




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Re: Access Phonebook when offline


Thank you for your inquiry.

For versions of TeamViewer 10 and below we had a product for this use case called the TeamViewer Manager, this is still available on our website under the previous versions. 

The TeamViewer manager is an offline computer list that is managed be a SQL Database on your machine to have an address book of the IP's for the LAN only TeamViewer use. 

For version 11 and above we are moving away from this tool and using the management console. 

If you feel that this needs to be continued in the future releases, please submit a feature request through our contact us on the website so that the project management team can see the need for the product and weather or not to continue development. 

Hope this information was useful for your inquiry. 

Also anyone who would like the feature as well can Kudo the first post.





Aaron Boshers
Senior Enterprise Solutions Engineer

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Re: Access Phonebook when offline


I addressed same question to technical support a while ago. An agent suggested the same solution, but he told me that I need to choose between two options (obsolete TeamViewer manager or Management console).

Well. TV manager is not a good option to me. Very hard to manage lists between 4 co-workers. Need to install SQL server on each machine,...

Management console is a good way, but I am missing...

1. login to teamviewer and access contacts (when offline)

2.  If machine can access LAN connections, why is there no option to assign IP address to contact properties.


This is also a good workaround. But it is quite similar to the one with extra text file (with IP and passwords). It seems to me, that I will need to write my own proggy, which will call teamviewer with suitable parameters. As you suggested:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\TeamViewer\TeamViewer.exe" -i -P xxxx

Would you buy today a cell phone, which can send email, but cannot store email addresses. And, as a workaround, you have a notebook in your pocket with email addresses.:smileyfrustrated:

However, I would expect this from Teamviewer!

I am still hoping for better solution.