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Accessing connection properties "advanced" settings in TeamViewer for Mac...

I've been using TeamViewer for some time in Windows, and am pretty well used to it. I am an IT consultant and provide support to many companies and individuals and have found TeamViewer to be pretty good at facilitating this.

However, this has changed radically, since moving to a Mac, as my primary computer. The reason for this is that, when connecting to a client's computers, I have been using the advanced connection properties quite extensively, depending on what/who I am connecting to and what I am trying to achive when connected (e.g. Doing work remotely or assisting somebody remotely).

The killer (and this is killer bad not killer good) in the Mac edition of the TeamViewer client is that you cannot access the advanced settings in the connection settings for your computer contacts. So, if I want to change resolution/logon type, I am stuffed.

I am able to access the advanced settings but only if I delete any passwords, in the connection settings, which forces the connection dialogue box to appear, where I can get to the advanced settings. This is a major pain in the arse, as I then have to go to my password documentation, for that client and retrieve/repopulate the TV password, when done.

The deeply annoying thing about this is that the UI code is already in the TV client, on the Mac, there's just the obvious place it is missing. i.e. Under the connection's properties!

Please TeamViewer Mac devs... Add the UI component, to get to this, already existing UI, in your TV for Mac client, PRETTY PLEASE!!!!

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Re: Accessing connection properties "advanced" settings in TeamViewer for Mac...

I second this!!! We have 28 retail stores that we log in to regularly, and every time I do at one particular store it throws the resolution all out of whack.