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Add Watchdog Feature to Teamviewer

It would be very interesting to add to TV something like a watchdog to check if the computer is not reponding, or there is no internet connection caused by NIC issue or bad DHCP (169.254.X.X) and TV be able to restart the computer to see if the problem is solved.
I usually connect to a computer with nobodys near to it, and sometimes when I WOL the computer it can't connect to the internet until I go to the place and restart it. Sometimes it's not responding and again I have to go to restart it.
So an option to auto restart the computer if TV detects bad or no IP or no remote connection (nor local) in X time it will be a very good adition to TV.
Thanks!!!! :)

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2 Replies
Posted by tvuser9

Re: Add Watchdog Feature to Teamviewer

Dear Teamviewer,

please implement a watchdog into Teamviewer. Some machines showing host as online, but cannot connect until TV instance is closed and reopened. Please do this via internal TV watchdog automatically. TV could test periodically if connection from remote is working or not.

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Re: Add Watchdog Feature to Teamviewer

Agreed!!! BUMP, BUMP!!!