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Ask for authorizatoin only if generated password is used

TM let configure the service so that it asks to the remote user to authorize the various remote actions like viewing the screen or to start remote file transfer.
This is very useful to avoid unwanted connection from remote, but activating this feature means that it will be then impossible to connect to an unattended machine.

I would suggest to let configure if the access control operates when a connection is made via a custom user password or not. In this way if someone connect the remote machine via the autogenerated password the access policy is applied and it will ask the remote user for authorizatoin and at the same time if someone knows the custom user password he would still be able to access the remote unattended machine.

Hope to have been clear enough! :)

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Posted by TeamViewer Staff
TeamViewer Staff

Re: Ask for authorizatoin only if generated password is used

Hello Manny,

thank you for posting your feature request!

If you have a look at the advanced options you might find a solution for what you are asking.

- Open TV Options -> go to "Advanced Options"

- Section: "Advanced settings for connections to this computer"

- Restrict "Access Control" as needed

- (optional) Set: "Random password after each session" to "Generate new"

- enable "full access control when a partner is connecting to Windows logon screen"

- Done

If the computer is locked and you access via personal password/unattended access there will be no access control restrictions. As a side effect when opening a session to a locked remote computer it will be locked again when the session ends/connection is lost.

If the computer is unlocked access control applies; for both unattended and random password


Although this is not a perfect fit to your request, I think this might still help you.



Posted by Manny

Re: Ask for authorizatoin only if generated password is used

Thank you Frank for your reply. Your solution is for sure the nearest available to face my request and certainly it helps.

I have just a problem to apply your solution without any concern and this is because some PC's have an autologin at boot, so they are never locked when they are powered via WOL! :))

For this my proposed solution could cover my case scenario. In the meanwhile your solution is more than appreciated. ;)