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Cloud storage with OwnCloud / NextCloud

Hello world!

Thank you for adding support for Onedrive Business and more, but would it be possible to also make support for self hosted cloud in Nextcloud and Owncloud ?

Today I already use plugin with etc. Thunderbird so when I attach a file bigger than x MB it will ask me if I would like to move it to my account in my company owncloud server, and it will then auto insert URL for attachment into email so that files can be access from cloud.

I would really like if TeamViewer could make it possible for us to use Nextcloud / Owncloud solutions, directly integrated to filesharing.

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2 Replies
Posted by Former Staff Jonathan
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Re: Cloud storage with OwnCloud / NextCloud

Hi BornData,

Thank you very much for your post and this feature request!

Thank you for your great feedback regarding our new support of Onedrive for business.

I have forwarded your request to our product management team regarding adding support for Nextcloud and Owncloud. Suggestions by our users are always highly appreciated since they allow us to improve TeamViewer every day.

However, I cannot promise you if or when this feature will be implemented, as that decision is based on public demand.

That is why I would like to encourage anyone else who would like Nextcloud and Owncloud to be added as supported cloud services to give BornData's post a Kudo.

Thank you again for your valuable contribution and have a great day!

All the best,


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Re: Cloud storage with OwnCloud / NextCloud

Other sync files that could be integrate is the Resilio Sync.