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Posted by DanTheMan151

Connection/Channel Management (as a new feature?)

I'm sure quite a few of us have had the issue where all the channels are in use but when you check in TeamViewer  to see which ones are in use, they are not always correct or possibly behind. I think a managment tool created just for seeing exsisting connections coming in and out from you company member would be a great idea. This could also help monitor how effiently you are currently using the licenses you are paying for, with this infromation you increase or decrease the amount you want or need. Being able to terminate connections from the management console for when people leave them open or ghost sessions. I think this would make Teamviewer a much better product for companies managing numerous different users and connections. Lets make it happen...Whats your thoughts?

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Posted by jmac999

Re: Connection/Channel Management (as a new feature?)