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Dual Monitors

I currently use remote desktop and so I can have two monitors active even though the remote computer has no monitor attached to it at all.  This works fine because I access the remote computer over a LAN usually. Now I need to be able to do the same thing over a WAN and Teamviewer is what I normally use to do that. However, I can't see any way for Teamviewer to allow me to create (have) two monitors on the remote machine. It seems as if I'd need to connect a second monitor to the remote machine for this to work. Any ideas?

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TeamViewer Staff

Re: Dual Monitors

Dear rgsalinger,

At the moment it is not possible to "create" a second monitor for the remote computer since TeamVIewer can only display what the remote computer writes.

I will forward this feature request to our product management :)

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Re: Dual Monitors

Julia, your customers have been asking for the feature for several years now. I believe I contacted the team back around Team Viewer 8 and got almost the exact answer. What's taking so long to bring on a feature that the built-in Remote Desktop has has since Windows 2000?

Please see my related post on this, with photos. 

Your users really want dual monitor support!

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Re: Dual Monitors

Hi @rgsalinger

here you can find What is the difference between TeamViewer and RDP.

Adding a fake second display (Gost Display) was possible up to versions of Windows 8 and 8.1 In Windows 10 the button "Detect not connected" monitor has been removed.

However, there is an option to add an additional monitor without physically having it. The device must have at least one VGA or HDMI port and purchase the relevant adapter (available on Amazon at low cost).

Once the adapter is inserted, Windows will show you the option to configure the additional monitor.

I hope you can take advantage of this opportunity in the meantime.


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Posted by willowsv

Re: Dual Monitors

This would be useful to allow administration to be done away from the eyes of the user.

While there's obvious security considerations to take into place this would also be massivly useful for us as many machines we dial into are displays in public places and therefore to administrate them either means blacking the screen or people seeing what were doing 

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Re: Dual Monitors

I, too, have the same issue. My computer at home has two monitors and the VM I remote into and work with all day has no monitors at all. It would be WONDERFUL to be able to use the real estate I have available instead of being constricted to a single screen. Is there anything on the horizon for this capability to be introduced?