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File transfer improvement ideas

Hey there, i would like to suggest these things, that can be improved upon in TV..


(1) Faster skipping identical files usinghashtables/(creation date & file-size) tables (possibly with a tick-box for hašin' yet. i would myself prefer the second option, as the hashes would generate really slow, very likely with a minimal improvement as mostly scenarios, where files change while keeping cr. date & file-size same are quite rare yet..)

(2) When the "There was an error on the server for the file.." pop-up shows, there's not button for "Skip all", and i would like to have this feature implemented, because this happens fairly often with the error message "Access is denied" (i copy some files inside a folder that are not meant for copying, and i would like to skip them automatically, yet now..)


Bye folks! ◠‿◠