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Forward connections


we produce industrial machines with Windows-PCs which we have to connect with from time to time. But because of customer restrictions, what we (annoyingly) very often have to do is, to connect via TV to a "Man-in-the-middle"-PC at customers site and from there in the local network again with TV to our PC.

This of course slows everything down: input reaction time, screen refreshing time and so on. Also you have to look at screen-in-screen-in-screen and have no direct file transfer.

Is there a possibility to recognize and optimize these situations? Maybe that the second connection is somehow tunneled directly from the industrial pc to my own.

Thank you. Greetings, Sebastian

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Posted by mLipok

Re: Forward connections

I can imagine that situation.
I can connecto to my clients Server, and almost to all Clients PC.
I can't connect to some of them as these PC have not Active INET Connection.
I can connect to them localy by LOCAL CONNECTION (LAN - Local IP - for example. 192.168.0.x )

Did you try this following possible solutions ?

  • Connect to Clients Server
  • Create TV VPN Tunel 
  • Connect to Clients LAN IP via TV Local connection (tuneled LAN).


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Posted by S_Mueller

Re: Forward connections

Hi, thanks.

So far I didnt try TV VPN tunnel. I will check this out.