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Functionality to create virtual monitors

This feature is a must.

Looking at the spacedesk software (beta), it's possible to create virtual monitors at any given resolution. With Windows 10, you can set custom DPI scaling on each monitor.

Imagine you're working on a 32'' 6k Apple screen, and you've connected to a powerful machine with 1920x1080. With help of spacedesk, you can create second 6k screen and make it primary and see the magic. But it's very problematic (you have to keep active connection via spacedesk, you can't hide cursor and a lot more unstable issues).

The more wonderful approach is to create a few virtual screens with custom aligning to fill 6k space in TeamViewer window. I would create 3-4 monitors and enter VMWare fullscreen on each of them.

Anyone would love to see this?