Posted by Zinger

Hide MacOS DOCK icon!

You want ideas? take one!

Make one simple option in preferences - HIDE DOCK ICON (it's one on top status bar).



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3 Replies
Posted by dankirsh

Re: Hide MacOS DOCK icon!

This is a critical feature and one that every similar application already has. My colleagues frequently quit out of TeamViewer accidentally because it does not remain in the menu bar. Apps like TeamViewer logically should have the ability to hide the dock icon. Please implement this soon! It’s a simple feature!
Posted by jackklink

Re: Hide MacOS DOCK icon!

I've been wanting to do this for years. Its completely poitnless to have a Menu Bar icon if the app remains in the dock. If every app I have in the Menu Bar did that, my dock would be so crowded!!

Also, why does the TeamViewer app always open a seperate instance of itself everytime it opens!? I keep TeamViewer in the dock and when I click it, it immediately closes the one that is in the dock and reopens a second icon in the dock!?

Don't the people who make this app notice how weirdly their app acts compared to other apps!?

Posted by eckdoerry

Re: Hide MacOS DOCK icon!

I just want to add my strong support here. I'm a new Teamviewer user and, while it's a great application so far,  **you must** leave the application running in order to have remote access.  As someone else pointed out, it's just too easy to accidentally quit Teamviewer as you're cleaning up your dock...and then you're dead.

This is a super simple feature to add, I can't understand why there has been no action on this in over a year.  All you need is a "hide dock icon" preference under General preferences.  Many many other "background" utility apps already do this:  reduces clutter and keeps from accidental shutdown of app.  The menubar icon is plenty to provide status/access info

Hopefully Teamviewer team members actually even read this forum...