Posted by CyFiver

IT Professional, Frustration


   I was trying to utilize your TeamViewer to assist an older grandparent who is in a home. He apparently had it installed prior from another remote assistance issue months ago. After my first connection I updated his client. Then while waiting clicked connect another two or three times as there was no menu warnings. I then got locked out for 30 seconds, tried one more time and he gave me the wrong password. I am now locked out for an undetermined amount of time.

Now I really don't care much as I won't be considering using your product as I use buisness end products that have a wider array of options and have the ability to disable auto-lockouts for specific connections.

This is more of a gripe and something you need to look into for users that want it. You need to impliment a user to user ability to disable the auto-lock that happens when people connect. It is just plain and simple and there is no debating this. You will upset a lot of your possible customer base who utilize this for use and are not being malicious. There is no need to even respond to me with the standard "This is for security" line as we all know and comprehend this. This is just a real suggestion to add in a proper fix for this, it will increase your quarterly income durastically and net you more customers. As for myself, it is very frustrating working with someone who is elderly and can mis-pronounce or read information causing your terrible lockouts.

Best of luck to you guys and I hope you really consider this in your next application pipeline meeting.

Randy F.