Posted by DomLan

Improve the performance of the web management console


I note a clear difference between the recovery of infomation via Web Management Console connections, and the same activities carried out via API. The timing of the Web console are not acceptable:
- the activity is freezed for all pages open on the same browser, during the list connections recovery.
- there is no visual feedback on the actual state of the data query;
- is not maintained proper positioning when navigating between pages connections list of all the groups, and you move on a specific group (*)

(*) I am reading the fifth list connections page (all groups) and I move on detail X group taken from the tree on the left: the detail shows no connection because there are not enough elements to fill the fifth page. It is not shown on the page selector to be able to fix it.

It would be possible to resolve these issues.
It would be possible to reduce the number of calls to your integratedchat.teamviewer.com service: I am successfully logged in, but I note only 407 answers ...

Thanks in advance



Domenico Langone
MCSD: App Builder