Posted by tedz2usa

Missing Feature - Quickly Switch between Sending Key Combinations and Not Sending Key Combinations

As a power user, I like to use window switching combinations like Alt+Tab, or Cmd+Tab in host and guest OSes. Right now, we have to go to "Actions" > "Send key combinations" to enable key combinations in the guest OS. However I would like to be able to toggle this without having to go into the Actions menu each time.

Is there a way I can toggle the "Send key combinations" setting very quickly, with a keyboard shortcut or something similar? Having to do this through clicking in the Actions menu severely hinders my productivity.

VirtualBox has a feature, known as the "Host Key" (i.e., the Right Control Key), which when pressed with a keyboard combination, directs the keyboard combination to the host OS instead of the guest.

I'd really love a feature like this in TeamViewer.