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Moving Connection Tabs

It would be helpful if we could move connection tabs at top of screen to different positions. E.g., if there are a number of connections open and the order is important for efficiency rebooting and reconnecting to a host causes that connection to appear at the end which destroys the priority order. Should be able to simply "grab" the tab and move it, like you can in browsers.

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Community Manager

Re: Moving Connection Tabs

Hi @brw111

Good idea :-)

I move your post in the ideas board as it is at the moment a feature request.



Posted by RonNasty64

Re: Moving Connection Tabs

I came here just for this option. I use a program that has menu options along the right side of my screen and the connection tab hides two or three options. I can make the window smaller, but viewed through Team Viewer it already seems small enough.

Posted by macarthurdent

Re: Moving Connection Tabs

Yes, I have this problem also. I was just helping someone with a process on their Mac computer via TeamViewer and needed to click on their Hard Drive icon which is positioned at the top rght of the screen. But the TV Connection window was over the top of it and I couldn't find a way to move or minimise the TV window. Very frustrating -it would be good to have a solution to this.