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NEED ZOOM! (Remote session)

WE NEED ZOOM----and an easy way to use the mouse to navigate the screen  without having to constantly use the up/down sideways scrollbar. 

When viewing a remote session using high resolution screens, ZOOM is a must. Resolution doesn't work because it changes the workspace and eliminates the benefit of high resolution. Original is too big and requires a crazy amount of effort to move the screen around using the scrollbars below and to the side. 

What is needed is a way to ZOOM and HOLD that spot (so the mouse movements don't fling the screen around inadvertently). Using the mouse to navigate to a desired ZOOM area or Window and then "HOLD" it there until zoomed out again. 

I have a 5k monitor and a 34 inch widescreen. 

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Re: NEED ZOOM! (Remote session)

darwintrader - I am in complete agreement.

It is not unreasonable to expect a bit of effort on the part of the developer, to offer such an obviously crucial feature. TeamViewer will continue to be a provincial software until it addresses this frustrating zoom problem. Additionally, as a fellow user, I am offended by the lack of responses to your excellent suggestion..

teamviewer staff - we just want your software to be the best. Right now it is a source of frustration. Please add a dynamic zoom feature.