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Nested "Computers & Contacts" folders.

At the moment in Computers & Contacts you can have folders to group up devices, this is fine until you have more than 100 devices in your list that you need to group.

As it stands we have a few hundred now and would greatly benefit having the ability to create sub-groups within our existing groups.

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Re: Nested "Computers & Contacts" folders.

This would be nice, at least for not having to share every group separately.

447 votes here already: https://ideas.teamviewer.com/forums/231603-ideas/suggestions/6035832-add-sub-folders-to-groups

But you may also consider to use the service queue instead: https://community.teamviewer.com/t5/TeamViewer-12-Beta/Quick-support-module/td-p/552
However i did not switch to that mode myself, because TeamViewer does not yet offer to remotely change from the standard QuickSupport to a custom config.