Posted by dswigger71

Offer an individual license

Hello.  I used to be a heavy team viewer user (mostly personal).  I wanted to buy a license to support the product but can not justify the cost.

My account is now locked because teamviewer detected I had logged into my company's computer.  Fair enough - I had used it a few times to do work.  My company will never pay for the license.

I still have a need to use teamviewer for personal stuff but instead will be using **Third Party App**.  Not because its free but because you(TeamViewer) do not offer a license that is reasonably priced for individuals such as myself.  I know there are ways to perhaps get my account unlocked but I have moved on.

Maybe there are valid reasons on your part to not offer said license option(I do not run your company).  I just wanted to let you know that I really appreciated what a great piece of software it is and am sorry I will not be using it anymore.


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Posted by gkowalchuk

Re: Offer an individual license - I AGREE


Yes we need a PERSONAL USE LICENSE.  I would gladly purchase a one time personal use license.  I use IPVanish for obvious security reasons but never thought a VPN would BUST teamviewer?   

Unfortunately Teamviewer has flagged this as commercial use, even though I only connect to my home computer. 

No fix, no support, no teamviewer.