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Posted by aborno

Pen pressure support.

Hello! I'm a digital artist who frequently ends up working and sketching offsite, often via my bare-bones Android tablet.

Recent improvements in TeamViewer's compression and network speeds have allowed me to begin reliably working over my tablet's WiFI and/or 4G connection (patched into more robust apps on my home workstation) with almost no disruptive lag while sketching. Color me very impressed!

The only thing missing that would really complete this equation would be support for pen/stylus pressure data; something that I'm sure you know is of particular importance for most professional artists, note-takers, etc.

I am not entirely privy to how this data is handled client-side; but from what I understand, most of the major OSes these days include some form of generic HID wrappers (fed via device drivers) that make tablet-centric features such as pressure, tilt and multi-touch easier to tap into than in the past; especially now that historically unrivaled device manufactures such as WACOM no longer stand alone in their industries.

Working examples of this concept of "tablet-data-over-IP" can be found in software such as VirtualTablet from SunnySideSoft.

In short, I feel that this would be a worthy feature addition that would unlock the full potential of many TeamViewer devices that utilize pen and touch as an primary input. Would sure help me out a bunch too! :)

Thanks for listening!

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Posted by Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: Pen pressure support.

Hi @aborno

Thank you for this idea. I added it to TeamViewers ideas-list. Keep them coming!

Thank you and all the best, Esther

Community Manager

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Posted by JoJpeg

Re: Pen pressure support.

I'd really apprechiate if you could make that happen! With the wonderful low latency I experience in general pen input via TeamViewer - for me as an atists, pressure transmission would come in very handy for using pen enabled devices such as my surface pro to use as extension for my working station. 

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Posted by noisyboyuk

Re: Pen pressure support.

I've been searching high and low to be able to do this. My PC is a workhorse for 3D work but I love the formfactor of my Surface and the fact I can use it like a Wacom. I (like many others) have tried to use Windows Remote Desktop which works great and sends the pen pressure as well but the problem is, for some reason the GPU ends up being limited to my Surface (which doesn't have one) rather than my desktop, even though the apps are being streamed from the desktop.

If this were possible with Team Viewer it would be a total game changer for artists who don't want to be tethered to a desk all day. There are so many solutions out there and not one of them seems to get it all right - just bits and pieces.

I do believe that the Surface pen is now a first level device the same as a keyboard, mouse or touch controls so I hope this can be implemented.

Do us proud Team Viewer and I'll be your best friend forever :)

Posted by SKDJ

Re: Pen pressure support.

I have to add a one plus for this one.

I actually have the same between my PC and my laptop. I could remotely edit on my machine if it's about networkspeed yet, whenever i use my Wacom both client and host get 'sticky' and unworkable. Unfortunately I just discovered my Wacom cannot be set on the guest/ client because it isn't seen by the driver.

It works for a while and stuff like mail, but if I don't think of it i usually have to reboot the host machine to get the Wacom to function correct again.

Posted by noisyboyuk

Re: Pen pressure support.

Yeah I still haven't been able to work out a perfect solution to this problem so there is still a great opportunity there.

There are a huge amount of artists out there who are looking for a cheap equivilant to a Cintique and if TeamViewer could provide that functionality it would not only end up being ridiculously more cost effective but it would also be an option which is upgradable :) Still got all my fingers and toes crossed!

Posted by Bescki

Re: Pen pressure support.

Any news?