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Posted by tonskudaigle

Proper notification when specific remote computer is back online

As the topic suggests, I'd like the idea of a proper notification when a certain remote computer is back online.

In troubleshooting or support scenarios when you need to do something remotely to a computer, but the computer hasn't been online for a while or you haven't been connected to it recently, it would be nice if there was a window or something indicating that it's online now. Sort of like the "reconnect" function you have when you reboot a remote computer, you get a window saying that it's back on again and you're able to connect to it again.

For example you could right click an offline remote computer on your contacts list and click "Notify when back up again". And the notification shouldn't be something that you see with all computers normally, but something more visible and that you can't miss. Hence a window or a notification that you need to confirm as seen before it disappears from the screen.

I found sort of an e-mail version of this, but I'm looking for more instant notification that you can act upon right away instead of reading the e-mail hours later and then it might be too late.

I'm fairly sure service desk and general IT supports would appreciate this.