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Re: TV Community login linked to TV account???

Yeah, as suspected - the "intended design" response...

You guys might want to separate the two items - this is pretty much industry standard for every other tech company - a discussion forum login should *not* be linked to the same login as the vended software.

Just look at the two screenshots attached - one is clearly labelled as for the management console and the other clearly for the community forums.  If the logins are linked, it would make sense that the login screens be consistent for both.

Just trying to help you guys catch up to industry best-practices of at least circa-2005.

management console.JPGTV Community.JPG

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Re: TV Community login linked to TV account???

Hello @afeudale 

Thanks for the feedback.

I've moved this to the Ideas board as a feature request for tracking.

While we cannot say if or when a feature could be changed or added, we thank you for the feedback.

Josh P.
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Re: TV Community login linked to TV account???

Is it true that the "Ideas" board was originally called the "Bugs" board, but then when TV realized they weren't going to fix any of the bugs, they just changed the name to "Ideas"?

It's just a rumour I've heard often in the I.T. MSP community...

Ok, jokes aside, I'm just trying to help you guys out with all of the harsh criticism...Have a good weekend Josh.