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Reasonable option for personal use

I am and always have used TeamViewer for personal use. We have 5 personal laptops in our house and all have TeamViewer installed because I use it to update and maintain them from my personal laptop. I live in Japan but I'm from the UK so I also support family back in the UK.

Recently I started seeing suspected commercial use messages. Everything still worked so I ignored them. Now I'm seeing commercial use detected messages and I can't connect or the connection closes after about a minute.

I filled in the form and received an email message to say my ID had been set to private but nothing changed. I still see Commercial use detected messages and I can't connect.

Your info says you do not intend to start charging for personal use and you have no desire to charge personal users. This would be wonderful if the detection software worked.

As it stands the detection software is clearly buggy or based on dodgy algorithms. Clearly indicated by the number of threads and posts on this forum from people who have been falsely flagged for commercial use.

There is no information anywhere on your site to help people find out why they might be falsely flagged. We're just stuck with a great bit of software that we know does what we want but for some unknown reason we can't use it anymore.

If you can't get the detection right then at least offer a reasonable price option for home users. Given how useful TeamViewer is I can imagine [the price has been removed per the community guideline.]on a subscritpion basis is probably quite reasonable for business use but way too much for home users.

Maybe [the price has been removed per guideline.] for a perpetual home use license that guarantees no more false flags. Many people might pay that.

Alternatively how about providing some information that might help us find out why we're being falsely flagged !!

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Re: Reasonable option for personal use

Totally agree. I have just started to getting these commercial use messages as well. I have done nothing different for the last 12 months and the server I connect to is within an arms length from me.
I also spent an hour looking for any information that would explain why I'm getting these messages now. Very frustration.
TeamViewer is great and I would pay a Home use license but not at $600