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Remote control on Motorola Moto M (Android 7.0)



I have installed Teamviewer Host and Teamviewer QuickSupport on my Motorola Moto M but both app can't give me the full acces on my mobile, I can't open any app or switching different windows, just only shows a hand with fingure (screen sharing feature).


I  have read that TeamViewer QuickSupport App Now Available for Motorola Devices and TeamViewer-QuickSupport-for-Motorola-Devices-is-Here but it is not working on Motorola Moto M.


Thanks in advance





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Re: Remote control on Motorola Moto M (Android 7.0)

Hi Everyone,

I spoke to Teamviewer today about the Mobile Add on. I mentioned that I was a business user but also used a personal non-commercial Teamviewer account to assist my Mum occasionally with her computer as she has Parkinson's disease and suffers from hand tremors. They told me I could use the mobile add-on on this non-commercial account and I thought wow this is great. I looked at the supported devices and ordered a Moto G5S Plus phone for her as a Christmas present thinking that I would be able to help her with this using Teamviewer when needed. The phone will arrive tomorrow. A few hours later, I came across this blog after I had ordered the phone. So now that it appears that because this and most Moto models use Android 7.0 the remote support element of the add-on won't work anyway, which wasn't mentioned in Teamviewer's PR. Very disappointing. There also appears to be no news looking at Motos Forum's of when they will be releasing new versions of Android to their devices. People have been complaining about this for 6 months now.