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Posted by spreis

Remote printing between Mac and PC

We have connected a Mac and PC. PC is remotely accessing the Mac. How do I print a document from the Mac to the PC printer? I can't even see how to install the printer driver.

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Posted by TeamViewer Staff
TeamViewer Staff

RE: Remote printing between Mac and PC

Dear @spreis

Thank you for your post. Unfortunately, remote printing is not supported on Mac OS.

At the moment it is a feature request and therefore I forwarded your suggestion to our product management and moved your post to the ideas board.

If anybody else would like to have this feature, please give spreis's post a kudo.

Best regards.



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Posted by nshk212

Re: RE: Remote printing between Mac and PC

This is one of the crutial things that team viewer needs to have for mac users. I cant use team viewer just because of this reason. And it really is awful because team viewer is great and has everything else i would need. Once this feature comes on for mac users i will be purchasing team viewer. 

Posted by dterriqu

Re: RE: Remote printing between Mac and PC

With version 13, this is now possible correct?

My PC is asking me to install an XPS-reader to activate remote printing. How do I do that?

I'm connected to my PC through my Mac.