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Remove unused offline devices from Management Console


I wondered how I can remove devices, which haven't connected to teamviewer for a certain period of time, like 60 to 90 days.

Finding out which devices are not there anymore and can be removed would be highly effortful. So I wish there was a possibility to either remove them automatically or create a report or something like this out of Teamviewer management Console.

When i log in to the Management Console I can see the offline devices  also when I click into a group I can see which devices are online and which are not and how long they have been offline for.

So there has to be a way to collect this information into a list, without having to do it manually?

Please point me into the right direction. Thanks!

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Posted by derpwny

Re: How can I remove unsued offline devices in management console?

I would like to know this too, it's a **bleep** shame, that there isn't even one reply after like two months. Where are the board mods??
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Re: How can I remove unsued offline devices in management console?

Hello @derpwny@TempyMcTempface,

Thank you for your posts.

The Community is a user-driven community – the majority of posts and solutions are therefore created by users, not by TeamViewer staff. This means that we cannot guarantee a TeamViewer employee will be able to see and respond to every post.

In regards to the original post, currently offline devices would have to be deleted from the Computers & Contacts list of the Management Console manually. While you can organize the devices within the group based on their Online/Offline status, you would still need to go to the device properties and click the delete link in the General section2018-07-06 09_44_04-TeamViewer Management Console.png

I have submitted a feature request for this, and have moved this post to the Ideas board, for better clarity.

Thanks again for your contributions!

Josh P.
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Posted by surfer1

Re: Remove unused offline devices from Management Console

You can use the "Remove-TeamViewerOutdatedDevice " script to delete outdated devices