Posted by DavidHenderson

SAML 2.0 for all subscription bands not just enterprise.

Whilst SAML 2.0 and other SSO/Authentication providers seems like an "Enterprise only" solution, its not.

With Active directory federated services being available to all companies that use Windows server and other option such as open source Gluu SAML 2.0 authentication is a key step in ANY buisness securing its users accounts and protecting its identity. we only have 5 licenses but use ADFS with MANY other providers to ensure that when a colleague leaves the buisness there account and all functions, including thoes that reach out to service providers such as yourself, are teminated promptly.

Teamviewer, especially considering the security implications for allowing someone continued remote access to systems if the account is "Forgotten to be disabled" etc...

In a world that is more and more security conciouse, you should not be limiting security benafits to you "Elite" customers. and should be focusing on protecting ALL your customers.