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Posted by Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: Samsung DeX

Hi all,

first of all thank you very much for your posts, ideas and tips inside this thread!

I have some great news for you: Our brand new Remote Control app for Android is now supporting Samsung Dex.

See our Change Log and download it now.

I hope you are like this as much as I do :-)

Have a great day,


Community Manager

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Posted by Bilal1

Re: Samsung DeX

Hi there. Finally teamviewer is running full screen mode on DeX. But unfortunately the mouse is not working properly. there is no left click!! any help please!!
note 9 + macbook pro
thanks in advance
Posted by broslav

Re: Samsung DeX


I'm using S9+ on Android Pie.

With latest TeamViewer update, now both left and right mouse clicks are working for me!

But in this version, I can only maximize the app, I cannot go fullscreen, DeX taskbar is always visible. For example, Microsoft RD app hides the taskbar and I think in previous version of TeamViwer (or Android) I could go fulscreen (without taskbar) using DeX Max etc... Now I cannot.(tried bth with DeX Labs on and off and developer options on and off and force resize etc...). I have DeX display configured to 1920x1080, same as my remote Windows PC, but no fullscreen.

Middle click does not work (did not work on Microsoft RD also, so I was not expecting it).
Keyboard shortcuts that include WIN key do not work (did not work on Microsoft RD also, so I was not expecting it).

Overall usable, I love it!.

(MS RD client app is not usable for months now due to scaling bugs that affect Note 9 or any Samsung phone with Android Pie).

So thisTeamViewer update made my DeX station usable again since Pie update broke MS RD scaling.


Would appreciate fullscreen though....

Posted by Bassel_azzouz

Re: Samsung DeX

With the new update on PIE, the phone is not linked to the screen.  So in the app I can see the phone mirror but no the DEX screen.  How can I choose the DEX screen.  Before that update, the phone was always in the mode of the mouse, so the screen was reflected automatically.

Posted by broslav

Re: Samsung DeX

MS RD Client app got updated and now both immersive (ful-screen) support and meta (Windows) key work flawlessly on Samsung Dex.

So RD Client is now again app to choose for me when I want to connect to my office PC over Samsung Dex (connected to my living room TV).

Windows key support is a game changer for me.

TeamViewer should step up their game.

Posted by broslav

Re: Samsung DeX

Just found out that the "DeX MAX" app actually has a System - Immersive Mode (Experimental) feature that once enabled auto-hides DeX taskbar for all apps.

With this setting on, taskbar is also hidden during TeamViwer session so you finally get full-screen experience. (Window title bar will also be hidden by the TeamViewer once you start the session.)

No need to enable specific "hide taskbar" or "blind window title bar" DeX MAX options for this to work. Just enable the "Immersive Mode" option.

Tested on S9+ with the "latest" Pie/One UI update (security patch level March 1 2019).

Posted by oli4100

Re: Samsung DeX

Unfortunately this does not seem to work on a s10e with the latest Teamviewer and Dex Max Immersive Mode enabled. The taskbar just won't hide. Any setting that you might be aware of that I might have missed?

Also, does the Teamviewer app support mapping the keys to the external enviroment (e.g. alt+tab, windows-key)? I have not been able to get that to work either so far...

Posted by everway9

Re: Samsung DeX

🙄 😅 ROFL, Brilliant! And I've still the rest of the thread to read. 👍
Posted by corb06

Re: Samsung DeX

I wish TeamViewer could support a little scaling. My PC screen is 3440 x 1440 but my Android tablet is 2560 x 1600. 

When using DeX on Tab S4, I cant get full screen on the  tablet, due to unable to select 2560 x 1600 resolution. I get 2560 x 1440 as max. Would be nice if we coulde scale up the last few pixels so that it fills the entire tablet screen.