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Session time outs

I'm running a lobby display that I want to run continuously. It keeps timing out and requires my computer to restart. Is there a setting to prevent this?

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6 Replies
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Re: Session time outs

Hi office3121,

Thank you for your post!

To prevent the lobby display from timing out while you are connected with TeamViewer, you can ensure that the time out feature on your local software is set to the off position as pictured below.


2016-11-07 15_32_47-TeamViewer options timing out.png






Also you will want to ensure that the remote side and local side do not have any screen savers enabled or sleep mode as this could also cause the connection to time out. One other thing that could cause a lost connection would be if there was an interruption in internet service.

After checking these settings, if the problem continues, please submit a ticket containing the log file from your computer.

You can see how to access your log files here:

You can submit a ticket at

Hope this helps!

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Posted by commonsensmatt

Re: Session time outs

I am having the same problem.  my sessions time out ALL THE TIME and i have no idea why.  i have checked the local machine and the remote machine.  both are running the same version.  both have the timeout set to OFF.  no screen savers, no 'lock on exit', nothing selected on either machine which should cause any issues.  but the timeouts continue.  i cannot transfer large files across the network, because the timeout will cut them off everytime.  what gives>?  i can't submt a ticket because i am not a 'paid license holder' and the cost of your license is prohibative (meaning too much) and i am certainly not going to consider paying for a license with this bug...

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Re: Session time outs

if your system sits idle for a long time, it automatically expires the current session and you have to login again, to prevent this you have to keep it active or set the time before the session got expire.

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Re: Session time outs

Same here (different cause?):

I am already trying for a month to update the remote computer!

It does not update!

remote: windows XP-SP3, TV 12 running.

My computer Mac OS 10.13.6 running TV 14.

When I follow the instruction remote update: on the remote it will download TV14, but after the download nothing happens, it does not install the downloaded file (I tried already 12 times). After 5 minutes or so the connection is cut off.

I tried to get support here and in the company: NO WAY TO GET SUPPORT.



Posted by TheDoctor

Re: Session time outs

I am having the same time out problems but they are in active sessions.  I will be typing in Word on the remotely accessed computer when, BAM, out of now where it just logs out.  Granted it is after some time, usually when I am working on a long document, but both computers have time out off.  One is a Winows 7 Home computer and the other is a Windows 10 Pro Computer.  When I remote in from the Windows 10 to the Winows 7 computer I have a problem, but the other way around, I can leave the connection open and idle all night and it never times out?  The problem is reproducible.  ALways a problem one way when left open long enough (1-2 hours, maybe a little longer).... never a problem the other way around (even after leaving the connection open overnight).   Any ideas or help appreciated.

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Re: Session time outs

I repeat:

no support from Teamviewer at all !!!

never ! whatever I try ! wherever I try !!

I uninstalled and will never go back to Teamviewer.

Found other apps that work well and where there is support !