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Support headless connections...

I am so mad that for whatever reason my new PC build will not work headless.  I upgraded my little media server that sits in my media room.  I remote into this often and have been for years.  Never had an issue with my old i5 and onchip graphics connected over HDMI to a reciever that remains off.  I upgraded to a 2600X Ryzen and GTX 1050ti and now I get a black screen when I try to access this PC.  The only resolution I found to be able to get in is to turn the wallpaper on and off a few times and finally it will come up so i can log in.  I thought I had finally found a remote program I would keep forever.... 

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Re: Support headless connections...

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Did you already see this article?

How do I use TeamViewer on headless systems?

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