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Switching accounts

At home sometimes i need to switch to my company's account, but have to enter the full email address again all the time.
It's not a problem for me to type the passwords, but previously used email addresses should be shown (and then it also should be possible to revoke authorization for machines only temporarily used: https://community.teamviewer.com/t5/Feature-Requests/Trusted-Devices-Can-t-Be-De-authorized/m-p/480#...).

As an alternative the portable version would be helpful for me, if it would at least store the last used email address. But using both the installed and portable version would only be a nice solution for me, if the portable version would allow to update itself.

There are 149 votes here: https://ideas.teamviewer.com/forums/231603-ideas/suggestions/12550029-multiple-teamviewer-account-sw...


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2 Replies
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Re: Switching accounts

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Posted by ecxsystems

Re: Switching accounts

Does anyone read these?  Some form of this request has been around since 2014