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TeamViewer Host "Light" for Raspberry


I am impressed about the TeamViewer Host for Raspberry and take TeamViewer more and more into my heart.

I know that TeamViewer Host for Raspberry is some kind of an experiment/proof-of-concept, but I want to share a suggestion / product wish for the Raspberry environment.

As Raspberries are often used in an text-only mode, I would like to have a TeamViewer "Light" host without graphical support (to save memory). 

The main features needed would be:

  • One or multiple shell sessions
  • as VPN host, and/or
  • as WOL gateway to wake up other machines

For the shell sessions, it would be perfect if the shell is transmitted text-only to the guest, so no images needs to be transfered. So the guest feels like sitting on front of the local shell.

Thanks and cheers!