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Teamviewer and Intel vPro (KVM) Support

Hi TeamViewer Team,

are there any plans in supporting Intel vPro AMT features like:

* - Remote Access of BIOS

* - Remote Turn ON

* - Remote OS Installation

* - Remote PC access even if OS or TeamViewer server crashes

This would be great addition to TeamViewer feature set. I am sure, many users, who own vPro PCs would appreciate that.


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2 Replies
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Community Manager

Re: Teamviewer and Intel vPro (KVM) Support

Hi Bunkai,

Thanks for your post.

I´ll move this post as an idea into our Ideas board to make sure that our pordict management sees this post.

Best, Esther

Posted by Bunkai

Re: Teamviewer and Intel vPro (KVM) Support

Thanks Esther.

Any update on this? Maybe TeamViewer already supports remote management via vPro and I am not aware of it?

Intel vPro is a remote access to a PC on CPU level. In other words, even if OS of the remote system crashes, it is still possible to remotely log into the PC, access its BIOS or even remotely install the OS.

Unfortunatelly, existing vPro Remote Management tools are very bad. They requie installing Java, are not stable, and have very limited feature set.

I think, market needs one good vPro compatible Remote Access tool. TeamViewer would receive strong comparative advantage.

Can you provide me with feedback, please. Thanks.