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Teamviewer personal license at affordable price

Hello Teamviewer admins,

I love teamviewer, i've been using it for years now. I really want to benefit from the paid version. But it's insanely expensive. It's making me reconsider teamviewer in favor of other solutions. Paying 27 euros/month is just insane for personal use with premium feature. A plan for like 5 euros/month with multiple devices support can be a pretty good deal for all those users that want to have premium options not available in the free version. 

Thank you for hearing me out,



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5 Replies
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Re: Teamviewer personal license at affordable price

Hi marcdupont,

Thank you very much for your feedback.

I will forward your suggestion to our product management. Such ideas are always welcome, although I cannot promise when or if the request will be implemented, as the decision is based on public demand. 

Nevertheless, your feedback is very important to us as we want to continue to develop TeamViewer based on our user's needs and demands. We will be happy to inform you about realization of this feature.

If you have any further questions on our product, please feel free to ask us.

Kind regards,

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Re: Teamviewer personal license at affordable price

Ditto this comment.  I don't even need many of the crazy features - mostly what got me starting to want to give you my money (versus just accept it fo free because it's wonderful) is all the annoying popups after sessions end (i use team viewer to connect to my own laptop from ym desktop - so i have to deal with teh post-session popup twice every time i log on. 


Would pay.  Currently pay [the price has been removed by a moderator] a year for Real VNC and would gladly switch to teamviewer if there weren't so many reminders everywhere that i'm using a free version (teamviewer far faster, otherwise better), but i'm not going to pay [the price has been removed by a moderator]  just for that.  

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Re: Teamviewer personal license at affordable price

HI there Guys,

I really love the Teamviewer Product but don't do enough Remote Support to justify a monthly spend. I would be somewhat happy to spend a couple of dollars for a 24 hour token as it were.

I guess when you think about it having a cheaper option that attracts more people is better than nothing at all. $2 dollars for 24 hour token x by 10,000 customers would be better than $0 dollars x 10,000 customers.

Cheers and Thanks



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Re: Teamviewer personal license at affordable price

I'm another very-low-volume-personal-use user who would be willing to pay a nominal fee to support a solid product.  I had in mind something like $19 one-time payment, or maybe $5/yr.

I use Teamviewer to occasionally log into a machine that's in another room.  I'll go six months without doing so, and then maybe three to six times in two months.  Two or three times a year I'll log into my mom's computer to do remote support.  Two or three times I've logged into friends' computers.

So, very low volume, personal use.

Getting rid of the popups would be one perk.  Maybe some small number of support tickets/year could be another.

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Re: Teamviewer personal license at affordable price

Last week I was blocked from using TV because I was suspected of using it commercially …I talked to a sales rep and I told her I help this friend with outlook then the rep asked if she used it to check work email when I said I assume so she immediately said that is commercial use. Really! I have read your definition of commercial and private use, not being lawyer, I had difficulty understanding the legalese, but finally determined the only people that can legally use your free software are those who no longer have a paying job, on either end of the connection. Makes “free” useless since I am convinced there isn’t a person in the world who does not check their “work” email from home.

I used TV perhaps 2-3 times since Jan 2019 for a total of less than 10 hrs (I assume you can check if that’s true). I love using TV but Cannot justify spending $500 a year for so little use.

To make it simple and comprehensible and make everyone legal I propose this:

  1. Don’t try to determine commercial or private use.
  2. Free software has limited use …say 10hrs a month
  3. Free Software is limited to basics…no bells and whistles…like file transfer, etc

Another thought ……Perhaps a lower yearly fee for the “dumbbed down” version (time limit, basics), say $100 or less with no free version.


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