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Unattended Access for only one program

Hello everyone,

I am not sure if this is an option or not... I have TeamViewer downloaded on my desktop and my tablet (in order to access my computer while out).  I do not need to access the entire computer, however, only certain programs.  Is there a way to do this?  Thank you in advance for your help!

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RE: Unattended Access for only one program

Dear @bkb

Thank you for your post.

The key benefit for unattended access is to have full remote control during the remote session. 

Unfortunately, it is not possible to tap only a certain program. 

This is a feature request at the moment and therefore I forwarded your suggestion to our product management and move your post to the ideas board.

Alternative, VPN could be a solution for you. If you have a Windows OS on your tablet you are able to start a VPN session to your desktop pc. 



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