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Voice echo in video call.


I would like to ask if anyone had found a solution to an echo problem with video calls in TV 12.

I am using this feature every day with my client. My client is using OSX El Capitan with TV12 and I am using Windows 10 also TV12. We both have the Logitech C920 HD webcams.

Basically I have to use headphones, otherwise my client can hear himself when the voice echoes back to him. It is more difficult from my side because on my client side there is usually more than one person so I am left with having to cope with hearing myself whenever we have a conference. During longer sessions we set up a 3rd party software for the video call like, Slack or Skype because the echo is incredibly distracting to me, and those applications cancel out that properly while TV12 does not. During shorter sessions we use just the TV12 because we need the quick screen sharing/remote desktop solution too. When we use TV12 for quick video too I frequently need to turn off my mic because even when I do not talk there is a high pitched noise appearing from time to time.

I was told by TV support to turn off noise threshold option but it did not help at all. All it did is stopping people being cut in half while they were speaking in some occasions.

TV support told me HD webcams are not supported by TV12. Is that true and the possible cause? It feels weird as this is not a new tech (released in 2012) and the problem is related to audio, not video. However it does feel like the driver implementation is very poor, it would be great to see TV use the same drivers as Slack or Skype does.

I would like to only use TV12 and not rely on 3rd party software at all times as it is quite annying to my client to have to set this up. Anyone can help?


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Posted by Rumbel

Re: Voice echo in video call.

I have used TV for years, and this has been a constant issue that has plagued it.  I cannot use TV for audio, I have always had to use skype for the audio.

If TV wants to make further inroads, they must fix this issue.  Skype audio has the noise cancellation down pat, and now with screen sharing, we are moving closer to not using TV anymore.

Posted by FSE

Re: Voice echo in video call.

The V13 voice conference is so poor that we need to use either Whatsapp call and Webex. TeamViewer should invest on developing and improving the codec as in the past 3 version we see no enhancement! 

As a paid customer and lots of alternative for conferencing, TV should work harder on this.