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Posted by mts-arkil

Re: We want your ideas

I would like to see a function in the Management Console to Export list to csv. I have a lot of administrative work to do, due to employees have resigned or got a new computer.

With a csv file of all users that are offline I can compare that with a csv from our database. Also show only users that have been offline per days etc (5 days)(10 days) and so on. Then export that to a csv file.

With this it would be much easier to maintain a good overview of all our users. 

Posted by Moderator Moderator

Re: We want your ideas

Hello @mts-arkil,

Thank you for your message.

You can export the connection reports out of your Management Console via this box (see below):Export CSV.png

You will find all the information you need in our Knowledge Base article here: About incoming and outgoing connections reports

I hope this could help. If not, do not hesitate to ask your questions here.



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Posted by mts-arkil

Re: We want your ideas

Hi @JeanK 

What im looking for is a function to export a list like this. Where I can change a filter to show only Offline users. And perhaps an extended filter that shows users that has been offline for 5 or 10 days.

2019-04-02_16-01-14.jpgRegards, mts

Posted by MartinLloyd

Re: We want your ideas

I want to use TeamViewer to control a PC at home just using my Android phone with a 6 inch screen. This perfectly possible but a little bit fiddly moving the PC mouse cursor with finger control. As an experiment I connected a wired mouse to my phone via an OTG to USB cable. This gives really accurate control of the pointer cursor on the phone but in TeamViewer I have to point the phone pointer cursor at the PC pointer cursor and then drag the PC pointer cursor around on the PC screen. It would be a lot easier just to use the mouse controlled phone pointer cursor directly to on the PC. I saw there is an article that says Teamviewer handles 6.5 inch android tablets differently to android phones but I would suggest that there is an optional setting provided that allows direct mouse control from an android phone with a mouse connected as I think this would make the interface easier to control a large screen PC with a small screen Andorid phone. I'm guessing that this is probably what Samsung Dex does but I havent got a Dex compatible phone.

Screenshot from my phone added below showing double pointerScreenshot_20190517-215648_TeamViewer.jpg


Posted by evanc

Re: We want your ideas

Well done to your dev team for putting warnings about incoming connections from India
Great idea
Can we take it a bit further?
For people like me that like to waste the time of scammers, is there a "special" version of TeamViewer you've made that can give us a access to PS or even command prompt without the Indian connection seeing anything?
Together we could rid the world of these scam calls!
Posted by evanc

Re: We want your ideas

A way of quickly pasting prepared content as soon as the connection is established would be good, too. A way to start transferring their Documents / Desktop files before they get a chance to close the connection?
Posted by Dickyboy

Connection issues between different versions

I think the Teamm Viewer app is great and allows me to connect with some of my older and less knowledgeable friends until the other night!  My version is up to date (version 14) and a friend who I had helped before rang to ask for my help again with something on his computer!  However when we tried connecting it would not and just kept indicating his was an older version so the connection did not happen!  He was not able to figure out on his own how to update his version so we had to leave it there!  My suggestion is to make Team Viewer prompt the older version holder to click on an update link to update that persons older version.  A prompt seen at the older versions end along the lines of "To continue you must update your version of Team Viewer click here" then supply a button within that prompt to send them to an automated system to update taking into account that persons low level of computer skills which we take for granted as should be knowing how to do these basic things but is actually quite complex especially if they are an older person.  If an older less knowledgeable person can do it then you know you've got it right as they never grew up with computer unlike this generation!!!!  As a side note also backwards compatibility would also be a good thing allowing two PC's to connect regardless of the version  Thank you





Posted by Kentain

Re: Connection issues between different versions

I would prefer version compatibility.. When connecting to an older version you get a warning stating which features aren't available.

Posted by Baalaaxa

Re: We want your ideas


99.5% of the time when I use Teamviewer, I need only one or two things: remote connection with partner-ID and password, or remote connection from saved Computers & Contacts list.

I have a very simple feature idea: I'd like the ability to modify the Teamviewer GUI, hide and re-organize elements like icons on the left-side menu, etc. to remove clutter and features I don't need.


Posted by YWelis

better handling claims for commercial using

Maybe a message saying why I'm suspected of using TV commercially. Deciding if I'm allowed 30 seconds of 5 minutes of a session (after 10 minutes). 


Posted by RJCMarques

Re: Bluetooth Mouse/Keyboard support from Android to PC

Hello @AlenaC,

Could TeamViewer please add support for usb/bluetooth mouse and keyboard use on Android outside of Samsung's Dex?

Phones with display-port alt-mode active are starting to pop up every where and my LG G7 supports connecting to a dock to use a monitor or TV. I've even been testing it out with a Samsung Dex Pad a friend of mine borrowed me. Having to drag my mouse to move the cursor is so absurd. Please add a toggle in the settings for people who need it. It would make the app on Android a lot more useful for a lot of people, especially professional users.

There's also talk of a desktop mode being built into Android itself so the quicker you guys add the feature the quicker you can start debugging problems before the oficial desktop mode comes out.

Posted by LaurentBrixius

Re: Export recordings on Mac

The viewer of .TVS files, with the possibility to jump on the timeline, and the ability to convert to another file format like .AVI (but MP4 would be better) should be the same on both PC and MAC.

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Posted by superremie

Re: Export recordings on Mac

Yes, I want this!

Posted by abrody

Re: We want your ideas - allow monthly billing

Dear Teamviewer,  [The price has been removed as per the community guidelines.] is a lot for a starting business to swallow.   If you just allowed monthly billing, that would be much more manageable.   Starting computer businesses don't have much in the way of discretionary income because people pay so little to independent consultants.  So it would really behoove you to offer monthly rates at least 1/10th the cost of the annual rate.   Please consider doing this, so we can start using the software to connect to individual customers.