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WhiteBoard - Draw on remote screen

Hello. I think it would be cool if you put like an option to draw on the screen so that I could show people what to do. I think this would be helpful and a very useful option. I also when controlling a phone screen that doesn't fit on mine it has the black trim or borders, whatever you want to call them, on the top and bottom. I have a Galaxy S8 which is very prone to screen burn-in and it is starting to get it from the borders. I was wondering if you could make an option to make those borders/trim white or a brighter color. I hope these options get in the app but I understand if they don't. I love the app otherwise. Thank you and have a great rest of your day.

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WhiteBoard Feature - Drawing on the screen during a remote connection

Hi Good_Enough,

Actually, this is a feature, however unfortunately it is not available connecting from android or iOS at the moment. :)

It is called "Whiteboard"

There is two ways to turn this on and it can be used by either side of the connection.

Turn On WhiteBoard - Method 1
You can turn on the whiteboard by clicking the "Paintbrush" icon in the slide-out panel on the remote side when you connect.
WhiteBoard 1.PNG

Once you have clicked this, you will see an additional toolbar appear that gives you tools to draw on the remote side. Both sides will see this.
WhiteBoard 2.PNG


Turn On WhiteBoard - Method 2

In the Connection Toolbar at the top of your connection window, Click Communicate then the picture of a pencil in the Whiteboard section.
WhiteBoard 3.PNG

Then you will see a new window slide out on your own side with the whiteboard tools. the remote sides tools will open as well.
WhiteBoard 4.PNG


Using the WhiteBoard
To change colours and fonts etc, just Right-Click the option whos settings you would like to change.WhiteBoard 5.PNG


I hope this answers your Question!

P.S. - I hope you don't mind, I changed the name of your thread to make sure others can find this answer :)

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Re: WhiteBoard Feature - Drawing on the screen during a remote connection

To expand on this topic: I am new to Teamviewer, and I'm encouraged to find that the whiteboard is available for computer-to-computer activity. What I need to be able to do, however, is not merely to draw onscreen locally or remotely, but draw on an existing image that can be seen by my partner. By that I mean: load an image into the whiteboard, then draw on it as if it were the whiteboard. Point being: I'm an illustrator, and I need to make corrections to artwork, as requested by my Teamviewer partner, with him or her virtually present as I draw. Is there a way to do that?

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Re: WhiteBoard Feature - Drawing on the screen during a remote connection

Today April 5th 2019, I tried to use the white board but it's not working, It shows "On" but none of the features are working,

I saw there will be maintenance tomorrow, and some features won't work but is this related to it?