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Posted by GeHad-XP

search in iphone & ipad

I have a long list of clients in my account, what way even search for the client name in the version of the iPhone TeamViewer 

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Posted by mLipok

Re: search in iphone & ipad

ah.. I see the same problem is on Android APP


mLipok , AutoIt MVP

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Posted by TimM

Re: search in iphone & ipad

Yes... Please add this function... with several hundred computers in the list... it would be very nice to have a search feature. We named our TeamViewer clients with Username - computer name. Now if I need to connect but only know the computer name, I have to scroll down for a massive amount of time to try and find the computername I'm looking for. We generally want the username... it's quick and simple. But sometimes I may not know the user... but know the computer name. This is easy on the desktop version.