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Welcome TeamViewer Insiders

Hi TeamViewer Insiders,

Welcome to our first Insider Build Information Channel (IBIC).

First of all:  A big THANK YOU for the numerous feedback you are sending to us through the Feedback button within our full versions of the different operating systems (Windows, macOS, and Linux). 

Your feedback has always been very important, and it always will be very important. Not only to us within the development of the software, but also to all TeamViewer users as your feedback allows us to deliver a well-working and hassle-free official release. 

To always improve our service and our communication, we are happy to open this information-channel within our Community. Here we would like to start by offering you the following:

  • Provide you with the information about our Insider Builds, e.g., Release notes
  • Provide you with feedback regarding the current Insider Build, e.g., Information about known bugs  

Insider Build is the name for our Pre-Versions of Windows. On macOS, we are calling the Pre-Versions Public Beta. On Linux, we are calling the Pre-Versions Preview

We are very happy for the collaboration with our TeamViewer Insiders in the past, and we hope that you appreciate the new information channel within our community which finally allows us to keep you in the loop of our current development process.

How to provide feedback?

You can easily send us your feedback via the Feedback Buttons within your TeamViewer full version. Please know that we are reading all your feedback, but we are not replying. However - we are happy to keep you informed via this Insider Build Information Channel.








Once again: Thanks for your feedback and all the insights you are providing now and in the future :-)


Niklas and the Quality Assurance Team

Senior QA Engineer