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Marketing @ TeamViewer

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“We spread the word about TeamViewer: Creating brand awareness, driving business and sales through customer-oriented communication”

Here’s how we communicate with our 200+ million users and the rest of the world:

“We test strategies, plans and designs! You can’t know the best solution from the beginning, and we are open to try out new things. This is the way we establish innovation. If we fail, we do it fast and move on with a new plan. We ask and encourage an open feedback culture. So, we constantly improve and find the best solution.”

With 30 colleagues from 12 countries located in Germany, the USA, Australia and Armenia we consider ourselves to be the most open, fun and friendly department within TeamViewer. Everyone plays a part in our success story, so teamwork is very important in our department.

So, if you are considering your next career step with TeamViewer... you should do it! We are confident you will not find an equivalent product to market and such a team to work with at any other organization (no, we are not marketing our department right now. We are just giving open feedback!).

See you soon!

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