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As evidenced by the various certificates we hold e.g. for use in banks, TeamViewer adheres to the highest security standards. These standards are well documented and openly communicated in our Trust Center.

An integral part of the TeamViewer experience is your TeamViewer account, for which we employ the best commonly used security technology available. When you sign in to your account, Secure Remote Password protocol (SRP) is used for the communication between your device and our servers. This technology allows for a setup in which your password is neither stored on our servers nor sent over the internet, and where man-in-the-middle attacks are highly ineffective. Furthermore, SRP allows for strong security even if the password itself is rather weak.

However, only a unique password is a good password, so we strongly recommend to use a password which you do not use anywhere else.

In addition to the technical security provided by us, we also offer features that allow our users to enhance the security of their TeamViewer account, e.g. Two-Factor Authentication.

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